Widest online range of Treadmills in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dobazaar offers you the best Treadmill brands available in the UAE.

A few key advantages of having your own Treadmill at home in UAE:

1. Availability of treadmills in Gyms: Most gyms have either waiting lines for treadmills or sometimes maximum time limits on running on treadmills.

2. Run Anytime: Having your personal Treadmill allows you to run any time of the day

3. Run indoors during Summer: A lot of us prefer running outdoors. However, during the hot summers in UAE its simply not feasible to run outdoors everyday

4. Hassle free running: Wear any clothes that you want indoors, run as long as you want, watch your favorite TV channel or listen to your own music; no boredom anymore

Dobazaar goes the extra mile to make customers happy. We offer free installation of your treadmill, 1 Year Warranty and Free Home delivery of all treadmills.

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